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Our Services

Auditing Services
Auditing Services

The purpose is to provide limited companies in the general with yearly auditing service by certified auditors as legally required and to express an independent opinion as to whether such financial statements fairly present its financial status and operating result in all material matters so that the readers of such financial statements can effectively make decisions on the economic aspects of the companies.

In some special cases, an audit service may be required by the management or shareholders or third parties that have an influence to the company, for example, an audit of the existence and condition of assets and liabilities in order to support the consideration of a business acquisition or an audit of the correctness and completeness of specific assets and liabilities in order to build-up confidence in the information supplied in the books. Even to check for the internal control of the company to ensure that the work process can reduce the weakness that may harm in company’s assets or financial result. Our services include

  • Statutory audits
  • Due diligence investigations
  • Internal audits and controls
Taxation Services
  • Tax compliance
  • Addressing of control weaknesses or potential tax liabilities, providing of recommendation to handle the issue
  • Preparation of personal income tax, monthly withholding tax, specific business tax and value added tax returns and filing
  • Preparation of the annual and mid year corporate income tax returns and filing
  • Business tax planning
  • Expatriates’ tax planning and filing
Accounting Services
Accounting Services

The purpose is to provide limited companies in the general with monthly accounting service as legally required and submit the monthly and yearly report to both management and government. In general the monthly activities are to record and submit the withholding tax and value added tax to the Revenue Department. Then prepare the yearly financial statement to the certified auditors. Normally, required reports for the Ministry of Commerce and the Revenue Department are Balance sheet, Profit and loss statement, Inventory report and Tax control report. In some special cases, the management may require other financial reports in order to make a budget or financial plan. Our services include

  • Plan and implement accounting system and accounting system analysis
  • Computerized bookkeeping of G/L, inventory report and financial report
  • Provide financial report: Balance sheet, Profit and Loss statement, Cash Flow and other report that may necessary for financial planning
  • Fixed asset management
  • Payroll management including social security
  • Financial management, creditor/debtor account management, purpose loan
  • Fact finding for certain special project
Corporate Services
Corporate Services
  • Company registration
  • Change from a private limited company to a public company
  • Change of Memorandum of Association
  • Change of the company’s name
  • Change of the company’s address
  • Change of the company’s objectives
  • Change of Articles of Association
  • Corporate change of the follows
  • Change of the company’s address (in same province)
  • Change of the company’s Directors
  • Change of the Directors power
  • Change of the company’s shareholders
  • Increase/Decrease Branch
  • Company capital increase/decrease
  • Change of Accounting period with the MOC and the Revenue Department
  • Company merger and acquisition
  • Increase paid up capital
  • Close company (return tax and VAT)
  • Corporate Tax Registration
  • VAT registration
Other Services
Other Services

Corporate Secretarial Services

  • Preparation of minutes of the Board of Directors’ meeting, general shareholders’ meeting, and extraordinary shareholders’ meeting (depending on cases)

Factory License

  • Factory registration certificate

Foreigner Business Act Services

  • Certificate for Company under the Treaty of Amity and Economic Relations between Thailand and USA
  • Certificate for branch office of US company
  • License for branch office of foreign company
  • License for representative office
  • License for regional office
  • License for activity of company incorporated in Thailand e.g. service business
  • Certificate for Company under BOI
  • Change address of rep office/branch office
  • Change manager of rep office/branch office
  • Change name of rep office/branch office
  • Close the rep office/branch office
  • Report operating business
  • Inform the Inspector of accounting in case of close Rep office/branch office

BOI / IEAT Services

  • BOI / IEAT Registration Certificate
  • Application for Promotion
  • Land Ownership
  • Clearance of Imported Machinery
  • Clearance of Raw Material
  • Project Monitoring

Social Security and Workmen Compensation Funds

  • Applying for social security fund
  • Applying for workmen social fund

Custom Card

  • Application for yellow card (Manager Card)
  • Application for green card (Representative Card)
  • Additional or any change of the details on the above cards

Patent, Copyright & Trademark

  • Consulting on procedures and costs
  • Assistance with preparation of application(s)
  • Assistance filing documents
  • Communications with Thailand government authorities
  • Follow up of application(s)

Labor Compliance

  • Review corporate documents, work rules, employment contracts and foreign employee information; and
  • Advise on termination procedures and severance requirements


  • Translate of corporate document